Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Need a back scratch?

So I guess you've noticed my blog & I "played makeover" today. I added a little more color to her she needed it....between you and me, she was looking a bit drab lately and she painted my toenails. You know the ole, "You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours." So I also decided to scratch the backs of all of you great people out there who put my blog link on your blog. I hadn't put a "blog roll" as all of the bloggers call it on my blog just because I didn't spend the time to do it lazy, lazy, I know. Then I found out about this: I have a monitoring device on my blog that tells me how many hits I get a day, where they come from, etc. Wow! I found out I have quite a few readers from all over the place....who knew! When I saw how many of those readers link to me from all of your sites, well I felt I needed to repay the favor or scratch your back. So there you have it....I now have a blog roll. And now you know exactly how and where I spend my evenings. Some of these people I personally know very well, some not so well, some not at all. Although I definitely feel like ALL of these people could be my best friend, considering I know what foods they like to eat, how they discipline their children, what their favorite colors are, when their babies are due, how they plan on giving birth, why they argue with their husbands, what makes them cry, what they did last night and what they plan on doing tomorrow. Blogs are the bomb!


The Thompson's said...


Blog lists are great ideas, and they do get your site allot more traffic. We get hits from all over the place because of ours. You are welcome to list ours on yours if you want, your has pretty much always been on ours.

Keep up the blogging! We so enjoy your posts. They are so AWESOME!!!