Monday, September 8, 2008


So I watched the 2008 MTV VMA's Video Music Awards for those of you who have been living under a rock for the past two decades last night and I just had to comment on a few things. Now, I certainly don't expect to see the best musical performances ever on this show. But being the music lover that I am, I do still like to watch and see what the new performers are doing these days.

  • Can I just say, what is this world coming to when Britney Spears is taking home the most awards!? The girl can't even take care of her own children, goes on some freakish rampage and shaves her head and starts talking with a British accent and we are going to award her? Not to mention that little thing that she lacks...oh yes, talent. I guess the singer in me just can't seem to understand how someone who hardly does any singing at all and who's voice is mostly computerized in all of her songs is considered a music star. It's baffling. Did anyone notice that her acceptance speeches were almost all the exact same, verbatim? Can anyone say, "robot?"
  • What is UP with that host!? If he took one more jab at The Jonas Brothers for their decision to stay pure until marriage, I was going to reach through the tv screen and remove him from the stage! I mean, God forbid we have an UPSTANDING role model for kids these days....oh no! That would just be too much.
  • Also, what's going on with artists thanking God in their speeches and putting Him somewhere in the middle of their list between, their Momma and their fans? Don't you think the Lord Himself deserves a better spot on the First. I'm not saying they have to thank Him, if that's not what they believe. But if they do believe they are receiving the MTV Silver Moon Man because of God, then maybe they could mention Him before their Producer.
  • When did it become ok to perform on a show that is supposed to be about awarding musicians and singers and lip sync!? Christina Aguilera's performance was completely recorded. There were multiple times that she got so wrapped up in her dance moves that she just stopped singing, but lo & behold, the song went on magically.
  • I love MTV's attempt at staying ahead of the game when it comes to music. There was a band called Tokio Hotel I couldn't tell if the band was made up of girls or guys...seriously and they won some award. It's like those people who put a bumper sticker on their car of the least known band they can find, so they can prove to everyone they are cool. They are cool because they know of a band that you do not. Same thing with this band and this award. No one knows who they are. I know you might be thinking, well maybe you just don't know who they are, Lindsay. I mean you are hardly in the MTV generation anymore. Yes I agree that I am not quite in the MTV generation anymore, BUT I do stay up to date on new music. In fact, I'm sure I know of some bands that you have never heard of, so there!
  • I cannot tell you how much it annoys me that celebrities use award shows to state their political views. That's all fine and good that they have political views and that they are going to vote...whatever. But I watch an award show to hear good music, watch interesting performances, and see musicians awarded for their talent. Well, maybe I am watching the wrong award show for all of those things but you catch my drift.
  • In an interview Christina Aguilera was quoted that she would be letting her 8 month old son stay up and watch TV even though, normally he's not allowed to watch TV so he could see her perform. Well good for you Christina! I'm glad you have concern about your son watching too much TV. Never mind that Mommy's boobies are hanging out for the world to see. "Is that a scary, Playboy bunny on the tv, daddy?" "No pumpkin, that's Mommy." "Don't those things belong to me? Why are they out for everyone else?" Well I hope that little Max enjoyed watching his Mommy sing lip sync on TV last night.
  • One of the best performances of the night was The Jonas Brothers. They are just so wholesome and sweet, they could be mistaken for oatmeal! I really, really liked the whole sitting on the front steps of the house singing with a few instruments...unplugged, if you will. It got a little much to handle when they broke into the real version of the song and had 800 screaming girls rushing the stage to be near them. Come on, we're not talking about the Beatles here.
All in all, I guess it was entertaining...sort of. At the very least, it was worth it to see Demi Moore forget to bring her microphone out on stage with her and look completely lost. I really shouldn't say that, because I have done that myself and it's not fun.

Ok......rant over.


Ashley McWhorter said...

HAHAHA! This cracks me up. Conn and I turned it on, and we just kept looking at each other in amazement of what was actually going on. We finally had to turn the channel and then just kept flipping back and forth between it and other shows. It was to crazy to take in all at once! :)

Jamie said...

I totally agree. And what is up with girls wearing shirts for dresses or less. Its just crazy to me. I also am sad because these are the images that kids are growing up to see as normal and ok.
I feel like that show gets worse every year.

The Thompson's said...

Again, Hilarious!!! Your rants are the best Lindsay!!! Rant on Baby, Rant on!

Lacey said...

I tivo'd it but haven't watched it yet. But your post has curious. I hate lip synching also. And I always wonder why Brittany is so popular. It's all computers...I could go on also. You should be up there instead. ;0)