Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Who needs a dollhouse?

Take a look at what my 5 year old did to my Mom's table. We have an iron sofa table with scrolls at our house and she does this same thing to ours. It's pretty neat and kind of artistic, huh? Who needs a dollhouse, when you've got a tree table. 

Here's a list of all the completely random stuff she used to "decorate the table":
  • A Strawberry Shortcake Doll in her little plastic crib
  • Her Little Giraffe polka dot "blankie" from when she was a baby
  • A few Littlest Pet Shop Pets
  • A beaded necklace and bracelet she made with a jewelry making kit
  • A Polly Pocket doll
  • A Kaleidoscope that she "bought" with tickets at Incredible Pizza
  • A Build-A-Bear that she made
  • One shoe that belongs to the Build-A-Bear
  • A small purse that also belongs to the Build-A-Bear They sure know how to get you in that store, with all their "accessories" that you MUST have for your bear.
  • Some Euros Yes, as in Real European Money.
  • A Wise Man and an Angel from her mini nativity scene Don't ask me how she got all these miniscule knick knacks from our house to my Mom's. Your guess is as good as mine.
  • A plastic mini Care Bear
  • A tiny plastic beach ball that came with her "Summer Fun" Polly Pockets I guess she has a thing for "tiny" stuff. 
Oh and what's that plastic, pink cone-looking thing you ask? How about a...
  • Funnel used to fill her Water Baby with water
And for those of you who know designers, yes that is a...
  • Vera Bradley Pinwheel Pink Mini Hipster Purse. It was my sister's and she left it behind when she went to boarding school, so guess who claimed it as her own! I don't even own a Vera Bradley anything...nice.


The Thompson's said...

She is so creative. Who knows we could be watching the best artist of all time as she grows up.

Lacey said...

Mackenzie is so creative. Your right, who needs a dollhouse?? It's great to see a child be so imaginative...seems like that is slowly going away with most kids these days...more and more kids these days need constant entertainment. Way to go Mac!