Monday, September 22, 2008

"Not Me Monday"

  • I did not just tell MacKenzie to "hold on" when she asked me to help her with something, so I could finish this post and finish my coffee.
  • I do not check the weather obsessively to the point where I could tell you, not only the temperature at any given time, but also the humidity, the dew point, how fast the wind is blowing and in what direction, nope...I do not do that.
  • I did not lie to my 5 year old when she thought her sister broke her wand that goes with her Halloween costume and tell her it wasn't broken, in hopes that I can fix it. Seriously, I would have had a MAJOR meltdown on my hands had she thought the wand was broken. I was just saving everyone else in a 5 mile radius of her from having to hear her screams. 
  • I did not watch the movie Penelope last night and enjoy it....are you kidding way!
  • I did not put on Noggin for the girls this morning in the room we slept in, so I could catch 20 more minutes of sleep.
  • I do not feel like calling the president of Centerpoint or Entergy or Reliant or whoever the heck controls my electricity and screaming at him/her because my power is STILL out 9 days after Ike....not me....I would never scream.
  • And I most certainly did not use the excuse that we are "displaced" and I packed for only two days to go to Old Navy and buy a new "wardrobe." It's Old Navy, people. An entire "wardrobe" there costs about $60.
If you wanna check out the original creator of the "Not Me Mondays" and read hers for the week click below. You will not be disappointed...she is hysterical. 


Anonymous said...

Great list! I use the "hold on a second" all the time, too. Er, I mean, I don't!

Thanks for joining in and for your nice compliment!!

Lacey said...

Glad I'm not the only one who makes my child wait while I"m on the puter. :0) And I wanted to see penelope at the theater...I'll have to go rent it. Hope you get power back soon. You didn't get it last night?? Ellie missed Reagan and school.

Bella Bleu Photography said... seems a lot of us do that. :)
The Penelope movie I thought was cute. Everyone else who watched it with me thought it was terrible.
We are still without power and they are now saying it will be Thursday or after. Can you believe that!?