Thursday, February 26, 2009

Baby Boy... growing.
Mark my words...this boy's gonna be big. At least bigger than my girls who were both under 7 pounds at birth, so that may not be saying much....but "big" he will least for me.


Jamie said...

He's going to be soooo cute, I just know it. I dont know if Im just biased cuz of the girls or what.
Did you flip the living room around? It looks different or maybe the computer did it, I cant figure it out. LOL

Lindsay said...

I think you might be a little biased.

Of course, I think he will be adorable too and I am certainly not biased. : )

Oh and yes, I took the picture using my laptop and it switches everything so that it is backwards. You're not going crazy. ; )

Ashley McWhorter said...

Love the dress!!! You look adorable! Oh, and yay, for big ol' boys!!!!! Their the best!!!! :)

Tim said...

Taylor was 6-6 when she was born and Will was 9 lbs. Both were born a month early. I think most boys probably weigh more.

Love and Prayers,


andrea said...

Cute bump!

Lacey said...

You look adorable!! Absolutely precious. I love watching that belly grow. You look amazing Momma. Can't wait to meet this BOY!!

p.s. I loved Reagans reaction to me this morning. She looked pumped to be wearing her cowboy get up. LOL. Too cute!

Meredith said...

You look beautiful, Lindsay! :)