Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fancy Valentine's Dinner

This year for Valentine's Day we decided to celebrate with our girls. We told them at the beginning of the week to look forward to a "Fancy Date" on Valentine's Day and they couldn't stop talking about it all week. We started out in the afternoon, "playing Beauty Shop" and washing and fixing our hair. Then we spent some time making Valentines for Daddy.

Next up...nails of course.

Then it was time to get all dressed up in our fanciest gear. The girls dug through their bottomless dress-up trunk and picked out dresses, shoes, crowns, & jewels to adorn themselves. 

A Princess must not forget her lipstick for touch-ups later in the evening.
Check out our handsome date!

We indulged on delicious, bread, soup, pasta, & dessert.

Reagan didn't like her dessert at all.


Tim said...

That is sooooo sweet! What a fun thing gor them to do. I liked the first Fancy Nancy date you did with them, but those pics with Marty on Valentines where too sweet.
Next year this time you will have a little Valentine too! Can't wait to see what fun you will strum up for him!

Love and Prayers,


Lacey said...

I love that you guys do the fancy nancy dinners. I keep saying I need to do that with Ellie and then never do. So cute! We had VDAY with our kiddos too and I must say it was such a fun day. Glad you guys had a Great one as well.

Jamie said...

ADORABLE!!! I love it. They are so cute. Im sure they loved it! Yall so cute!

Ashley McWhorter said...

Very fun! They both look always!!! See ya tomorrow night! :)

Kelli said...

That is such a sweet idea! I'm glad you all had a good time.