Thursday, February 5, 2009

I have a friend. His name is Larry.

  • Larry is a great friend to me right now.
  • He is quite tall.
  • He really needs a suntan.
  • He could use a work-out now and then. He tends to be a bit on the soft side. I still love you Larry!
  • He is very supportive, but without offering too much to say.
  • My husband can be a little jealous of Larry sometimes.
  • He always smells really good.
  • My husband only allows Larry around for a little while, then he has to go away. You know...the jealousy thing.
  • Larry doesn't require a whole lot of nurturing. That's a good thing. I have enough things/people to take care of!
  • Occasionally Larry does need a bath though. It's worth it to keep him smelling good.
  • Last but certainly not least, I would be so so sad if Larry left and I will be sad to see him go when he leaves a few months from now.
Can anyone guess who Larry is? I'll give you a bit to ponder. Then I will unveil a picture of Larry so you can all meet him. And if you already know the answer (i.e. Shannon since you've met Larry) you're not allowed to guess! The winner will receive.....well.....I guess since I'm not one of those blogs that has sponsors who send free loot to give out to readers and I'm not Oprah, you will receive a whole bunch of nothin'. How about a great big hug?? Virtual hug of course, since I'm not going to drive to wherever you are to give out a hug. What if you live in Ohio? Oh and there's always the whole I'm not a very affectionate person and don't particularly love hugs anyway thing. 

Oh and after reading through the description again, I want to remind everyone that this is a family-friendly blog! Keep it clean, people. Keep it clean.


Kelli said...

My first post didn't take. Again, at first I thought a dog but I don't know why he'd have to leave in a few months unless it would be too much with the new baby. Then I thought maybe your doctor? I'm stumped. And I giggled because I live in Ohio!

Lacey said...

Hmmmm.....sounds like a pregnancy know the long ones that you snuggle at night to make side sleeping comfy.....I think mine was called a snoogle or something. Am I right?? Am I right?? If so...Frank was always jealous of it too and made him leave soon after giving birth. :)

Unmistakably BLESSED said...

A giant maternity pillow???? I can't wait to hear Larry's real identity. And I'm not a huggy-girl either, so not to worry, I won't show up on your doorstep begging for my prize!

Ashley McWhorter said...

Oh, my!!! I am scared to even ask!:)

The Thompson's said...

Im going with a pregnancy pillow? Is that who Larry is?