Tuesday, February 3, 2009

THIS is what I'm in for?

Lord help me.


Lacey said...

Yes it is...let the fun begin!! They are a whole new breed but very sweet and LOVE their mommas too. Boys are boys but are also snuggle bugs. :)

Shannon said...

I feel 100% confident that you are up for the challenge. They are truly SO FUN! Or maybe since you are with Master Finn so much you are scared now? I need to stop letting him ride in your car...he is scaring you.

You are going to LOVE every minute of it--I promise! And if I am wrong then he can come and live with me.
: )

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS ON FINDING OUT It'S A BOY!!! The one of the little dudes peeing is great. Yep, that will happen for sure. They all do that...I mean, have DONE that. :)

Robin Mabry said...

Oh let the fun times begin! Boys will be boys and there will be some moments in Miller Household that is for sure. Boys are great with lots of energy. You will adapt well and fast to your sweet lil mommas boy that will be here before you know it. I love all the humor you put into your blog. Your kids will get great laughs one day from it too.

Pascha said...

It will be all those pictures and so much more. Let the fun begin!!!!